No Apple in Zuckerbro’s garden

WOW. What a mind-blowing showcase by Facebook at their annual f8 Developer’s Conference. Two major releases have huge implications for music fans:

1. ‘Timeline’ will replace your traditional profile to showcase all your content from THE FUCKING DAWN OF TIME. Yep, say hello to: photos of you pouting circa-Zoolander and a chilling reminder of your obsession with electroclash.

2. Any music service* can now use Facebook’s API to integrate into your Timeline, allowing you and your friends to listen, share, recommend and even discuss songs inside Facebook in real-time. You’ll never need to leave Facebook again. JK. Sort of.

*Except, of course, the world’s biggest retailer of music - iTunes.

A question posed by Frank Denbow immediately after the keynote asked: “I wonder if sharing music on Facebook will actually increase music sales?” Well, if the exclusion of iTunes is anything to go by, I’d hazard to suggest that the answer is a firm nope.

The priceless exposure for Spotify** during today’s keynote - CEO Daniel Ek spoke on-stage - made it look like Zuckerbro is doing everything possible to keep Apple out of his garden, thus giving streaming platforms a huge leg up.

**So much sobbing at the Rdio office today.

I’m anxiously awaiting my first chance to play with the new music integrations. Will this finally be the answer to my quest of the ultimate recommendations platform? Likely not.

However, the message today was clear across all newly-integrated platforms: friends are the conduit to great music - something I’ve come around to in the last month (see: Computers don’t recommend music, people do).

Let’s just hope there’s a way to weight recommendations from friends with great taste, rather than relying on long-lost high school friends frothing over the new Glee soundtrack.